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about me

Pino Sereno

photographer & musician


Since I was a young boy, I have been fascinated by two topics: nature and women – and all my earlier life I tried to pour this adoration into music (and I still do) –  I became a Jazz musician and composer.

Already at the age of 7 I started with analogue photography as a hobby – later doing my own darkroom work. I had a great teacher during that time – who was my uncle: He worked in a big photo store in Munich as a lifetime position, and he provided me very early with camera (Agfa Box) and 6×6 roll films.

As the years went by, my admiration for women and nature grew and a third adorable femininity appeared and became emotionally my second home: La serenissima – the city of Venice.

I love to travel and capture unique and moving moments, writing a soulful diary about the beautiful world we live in (yes, with all the dark sides, too!).

I firmly believe that every woman is beautiful and that her beauty unfolds in the moment when she dares to be herself. The photographer’s job is to create an atmosphere where this is possible and to authentically capture the result.

I am happily married (to an artist!), have adult children and grandchildren – and I am still playing concerts.

In case you like to hire me as a photographer, please note my shooting preferences:

• Portrait (indoor & outdoor)   • Lifestyle   • Street   • Nature   • Concert, Theater & Dance   • Fashion   • Artistic Nude

Enjoy my galleries – and if you like to book me or just have some nice comment, send me a message! I would be happy to send you a non-binding offer.

Vienna, 2022 • Pino Sereno