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about me

Pino Sereno

second job photographer

Already at the age of 7 I started with analogue photography as a hobby – later doing my own darkroom work. I had a great teacher during that time – who was my uncle: He worked in a big photo store in Munich as a lifetime position, and he provided me very early with camera (Agfa Box) and 6×6 roll films.

I love to travel and capture unique and moving moments, writing a soulful diary about the beautiful world we live in (yes, with all the dark sides, too!).

In case you like to hire me as a photographer, please note my shooting preferences:

• Portrait (indoor & outdoor)   • Lifestyle   • Street   • Nature   • Concert, Theater & Dance   • Fashion   • Artistic Nude

Enjoy my galleries – and if you like to book me or just have some nice comment, send me a message! I would be happy to send you a non-binding offer.

Vienna, 2022 • Pino Sereno